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Accident recovery with convenient first-class collision repair.

Keeping you happy in spite of your car trouble is our top priority. That’s why you can submit any kind of insurance, and you have rental car access at our body shop!


Take it easy and let us handle the aftermath.

After an accident, you need to know you're in good hands. Your superior service starts the moment you need help thanks to 24-hour towing. We accept all forms of insurance so you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to pay, and you’ll get a fast turnaround on lasting repairs that will leave your car as good as new.


Get access to a complete range of auto body repair services:

  • Auto restoration

  • Bumper and grille repair

  • Collision repair

  • Ding and dent repair

  • Paintless dent removal

  • Scratch removal

  • Windshield and window repair

  • Frame repair

  • Unibody repair

  • Painting

  • Expert paint color matching



Protect your biggest investment! Keep it in like-new condition.

You pay a fortune for your car, which is why you want it to look its best! We accept all forms of insurance so you can get any dents and chips fixed affordably!


Let the cool blast in your car!

If you’re experiencing trouble with your air conditioner, you may find yourself deciding between parting with your car for repairs or sweating out the summer heat. There’s no need to choose when you get service from our experts. You’ll have access to our on-site car rentals for maximum convenience, and your repairs are fast and reliable.


Enjoy repairs for all your car’s ills:

  • Air conditioning repair

  • Rust proofing and undercoating

  • Hail Damage and Restoration

  • Ding and dent repair

  • Paintless dent removal

  • Scratch removal

  • Windshield and window repair

  • Expert color matching


Expert towing gets you out of the ditch and into a rental car.

You can call for emergency towing services 24 hours a day. You and your car will get a lift straight to our auto body shop, where we have on-site car rental so you can get back on the road fast!


You’ll never end up stranded.

Car accidents don’t wait for business hours. When your car ends up wrecked or run off the road, you need service right away, even if it’s the middle of the night. That’s why we offer 24 hour towing, so that you never have to wait. When you work with an auto body shop that’s dedicated to your convenience and comfort, you know that your service will be fast and reliable.


Choose towing that saves you money!

Never pay out of pocket for your emergency services. If your insurance covers roadside assistance and towing, you’re in luck. We’re happy to work with all major insurance providers so that your accident costs you as little as possible. Save yourself a second disaster in the same day by reducing your repair bills.

Call 618-542-2383

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